Moving from tumblr to Wordpress

Just a note to the readers of this blog: you may have noticed that something is different. Like, everything is different...

This past weekend I migrated this blog from tumblr to wordpress. I did this because tumblr asked everyone with their own url to change their 'A record' or CNAME. This was fine, so i did as instructed.

Unfortunately, the change broke the display of everything else on my domain, particularly my projects, which I am quite fond of. I'm sure this is my fault and not tumblr's, but it was a good forcing function for me to make some long-needed changes to the site anyways.

The transition was shockingly easy and can be done on with this handy importer. I need a little more control over my site, so I'm actually using, but the same functionality is available via a plugin.

Don't get me wrong - I still love tumblr and have a bunch of sites on there. But for the way I write, (wordy, lots of links, generally obnoxious) I feel more at home on wordpress: the experience seems smoother.

The knock, unfortunately, is that wordpress doesn't look as good as tumblr, generally. I'm playing with the site's theme/css etc until I get it looking the way I like it, but that will probably take some time. I also need to fix a bunch of broken links, but, eh... not high priority.